Certificate Course

Dancepiration- Certificate Course for Kids: 6 Years to 13 Years

Rhythmzz Academy Of Dance presents Dancepiration, A Dance Certification Course which is a dance course with the uniqueness of its own. It’s a value added course which serves as a base for young, thriving dancers, helping and guiding them through their aspiring dreams and making dance a sustainable career choice. It is a highly professional program instructed and directed by various teachers.

What Rhythmzz Offer In & Through Dancepiration

Teach Dance as a value added course which would enhance the personality of the child and their skills.

Training in various dance forms like :

1. Bollywood
2. Freestyle
3. Hip-Hop
4. Tollywood

  • Increase mental and physical health through various activities like Fitness/Exercise/Warm ups/Cool Downs/Creative Activities
  • Fitness/Exercise/Warm ups/Cool Downs/Creative Activities
  • Conduct special workshops and classes for better learning like Choreography Class and Building Partner Relationship.
  • Improve body language & personal grooming.
  • Core values for dancers.
  • Theatre & Artistic development.
  • Rhythmzz also conducts an annual show at the year end and certifies the students who that take part in the dance course.
  • Registered students will be actively participating in all the workshops conducted.
  • The students will receive a certificate in dance and arts at the end of the course, which can be beneficial for future reference.
  • Register Now!! Only 20 Seats Available. Registration Starts from 12th April 2017.

Dancepiration Fee Structure:

6 months - 18000 /-
12 months - 30000 /-

***(Fee can be paid in instalments)

Register Now only 20 Seats Available. Registration Starts 12th April 2017.
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