About Academy

Our Dance Academy

Nitish Kumar is the founder and artistic director of Rhythmzz Academy of Dance, a ‘registered dance company’ established in 2010. He opened the first dance studio of Rhythmzz on 15th April, 2013. Rhythmzz Academy of Dance was granted accreditation by IAO (International Accreditation Organization), USA in the year 2014.
Rhythmzz is a team of passionate dancers who believe that dance is the best way to express oneself. We have been conducting classes for colleges and schools since 2010. We also specialize in choreographing corporate dance performances. Our classes give the students an opportunity to learn dance, explore it and express themselves creatively when they perform on stage. Rhythmzz Academy of dance has grown to be one of the best educational dance institutes with the team of exceptionally talented dance instructors, who are well trained in various dance styles and different methods of teaching.

Vision & Mission

  • Be Hyderabad’s first state of art facility to provide training and exposure in the field of Dance and Performing Arts.
  • Introduce professional level certified programs like Diploma and Degree courses which is worthwhile and of international standards.
  • Incorporate the best practices followed across in the Dance & Performing Arts Industry.
  • Everything under one roof- be it forms of dance or be it A-Z of a dance event/ program
    • Western and Classical dance forms.
    • Bring in in-house opportunities and notify various opportunities across the world.
    • Be a hub for all kind of dance and performing arts events and activities.
    • Collaborate with dance institutes all over to ensure no stone is unturned when it comes to providing exposure and opportunities to our dancers.

About Our Studio

Rhythmzz is a beautiful family with a common love for dance. Accomplished dancers, each with their own specialty and style, bring to the stage a great mix of musicality, humor, high-flying and eye-popping tricks, innovative choreography and personality that consistently brings audience to their feet.

Rhythmzz was founded by Nitish Kumar along with Sujaritha, Purnima and Emmanuel in 2010 with a focus on teaching dance to schools, colleges and corporate companies. Rhythmzz opened its first dance studio in Sainikpuri on April 15, 2013 after it got registered as "Rhythmzz Academy of Dance". Being an independent dance academy, the institute chose to be different.

Rhythmzz wishes to instill a love for dance in students. In addition to being a great exercise and physical activity, dance is also an art form. Through dance, students not only learn techniques, but they also develop an appreciation for the art of dancing. They develop a sense of musicality and learn the importance of refinement and attention to detail. Performing on stage instills self-confidence and pride.

In short, Rhythmzz teaches many life lessons that extend way beyond the studio classroom. One can just walk in, register themselves and get started to learn the best dance moves as Rhythmzz believes that ‘AnyBody Can Dance’ they just need to Feel The Beat and groove .

Rhythmzz Academy Of Dance has been awarded full accreditation by IAO (International Accreditation Organization) USA in the year 2014.

Sincere thanks to Mr. Y .Ashok Sir (Prinicpal) Bhavan’s Vivekananda Degree college, Ankita Nagra, Mrs. Parveen Khan Mam, Mrs. Ajitha mam (lecturers of Bhavan’s Vivekananda Degree college) for all the love & support.

Key Highlights Of Our Academy

  • We are specialized in choreographing corporate dance performances as well as other customized performances.
  • We at Rhythmzz, have our own syllabus for dance which is strictly followed by all our dance instructors during their teaching.
  • Associated with international dance instructors from various countries, we conduct International Dance Workshops.
  • We have designed course for Schools called "PDC(Professional dance course for Junior) which is a specially designed program that forms a part of the school’s regular curriculum. The Objective is to offer every student training, knowledge of dance, styles and techniques. It also helps students to reduce stress and develop their personalities.
  • Each class has a well defined syllabus to improve fitness levels, confidence, focus, concentration, team spirit, positive thinking, discipline, all round development, posture and body language using different dance styles like contemporary, Hip Hop ,Locking , Bollywood, Dance exercises, acrobatic techniques and kalari. Strength and endurance is achieved through movement pattern that teaches coordination and kinesthetic memory. Dance being an excellent form of exercise keeps children naturally active and fit.
  • We emphasize in the concept that psychological health and maturity is achieved through dance which gives the students an opportunity to express themselves through creative movement.
  • We have been associated with the schools like Army Public school Bolarum , Children House School, Bhavans, Indus Universal school Hyderabad, Oakridge International school Gachibowli.We have also choreographed all their school cultural programs and trained more than 400 students.